‘Influencer’ Updates Instagram Bio To ‘News Reporter’ After Posting Selfie Video Outside Ch 7

A local influencer is jumping head first into the news reporting industry.

Amber McKinley is filming her own content and posting it as regular news updates on her Instagram account.

“Now let’s have a quick look at the markets,” she told her 143 followers. “The all ordinaries index lost 13 points today to 7,239. And I’ll be back for more news at 6pm.”

Ms McKinley’s news updates currently consist of just her talking to camera from outside the Channel 7 studios at Martin Place.

“But soon I want to do vox pops and have footage of other things,” the 25 year old told DBT. “I’m currently learning how to edit.”

She’s also updated her instagram bio to ‘news reporter.’

“I like doing my news reports from outside channel 7, but I don’t want to work for them. These days it’s all about making your own news content and getting it out there!”

More to come.