Woman Asking For Recommendations On Facebook, Clearly Just Looking For Social Activity

REACHING OUT: A Sydney woman is being accused of trying to drum up social activity, under the guise of asking for recommendations on Facebook.

“Hey FB fam,” Sarah Marsh’s status update began. “Anyone know of an alterations place open in Potts Point?”

But many of her 631 Facebook friends say she could have just Googled it.

“She’s reaching out hoping people will like and comment purely for social validation,” one of her friends told DBT. “It’s the oldest trick in the book.”

Social media researchers say the recent lockdowns saw an influx of isolated people posting similar status updates.

After three hours, Sarah Marsh’s status update has had mixed results, with only 1 like and 2 comments, including one saying; “just Google it.”

It remains unclear if she even has any clothes that need altering.

More to come.