Waverley Council Launch Crisis Helpline For Drivers Who Fail To Find Parking At Bondi Beach

ROAD RAGE: Waverley council says it noticed a spike in road rage incidents around Bondi today, as virtually every muppet in Sydney headed to the beach.

“That’s why we’ve launched a new crisis helpline, to support those who’ve spent hours looking for parking,” says Waverley Mayor Simon Pasalis. “These people need our help.”

One caller told a helpline counsellor today that he looked for parking in Dover Heights, before being forced to give up and go back home to Bankstown.

“The process of looking for parking and failing can be very demoralising,” says Simon Pasalis.

“Even if drivers do eventually find parking they have to pay a small fortune for it.”

Another helpline caller says she worked a 70 hour week this week, only to spend another two hours looking for parking today, all because she wanted a 10 minute swim.

“It’s a free call to the helpline, so we urge angry drivers to leave Bondi, pull over somewhere safe and give us a call,” says Pasalis.

“We’re advising all motorists to forget about ever driving to Bondi Beach, and just get an Uber instead.”