Low voter turnout in Sydney for state election, amid heavy traffic and fuck all parking

ROAD BLOCK TO DEMOCRACY: Heavy traffic and a desperate lack of parking options in Sydney thanks to the city’s chronic over development, is threatening to derail today’s state elections.

Sydney’s gridlock and sub-standard public transport system has meant that by 10.30am today, only 0.45% of Sydney’s population had managed to cast their vote.

“We are well behind schedule at this stage,” says election official Chris Gammat.

“A lot of commuters are simply giving up. They’re turning around and going home. Or they’re not leaving home in the first place.”

And they’ll have to pay a $55 fine for not voting.

“It took us 45 minutes to drive 5km’s to our nearest polling station,” says Edgecliff woman Hannah Noels.

Then when we finally got there, we spent an hour looking for parking without any luck,”

“It was either copping a parking fine, or a fine for not voting. We chose the latter.”

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet agreed to a sit down interview with DBT, but at press time he was still stuck in traffic.