VOTE BUYING: PM Passes New Laws Allowing 4WD’s To Park In Eastern Suburbs Loading Zones

ELECTION SWEETENER: Drivers of four-wheel drives and other off road vehicles in Sydney’s east will be allowed to park in loading zones, under new laws passed last week.

“The federal government is committed to making life easier for owners of these vehicles,” says Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“Range Rovers and Land Cruisers are expensive, so we want to make sure these motorists are not subject to hefty parking fines as well.”

The new rules come just months out from the federal election, as the coalition attempts to shore up votes in Wentworth, traditionally a safe Liberal seat.

Eastern suburbs 4WD owners are welcoming the move.

“I think it’s a great step forward,” one Vaucluse mother of three told DBT. “Surely we should have the same rights as trucks and other vehicles dropping off & picking up goods.”

“Normally I’m forced to double park when I quickly pick up dinner from 21 Espresso in Double Bay. Now I can just park in a loading zone.”

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese says he’d consider introducing similar rules if elected, but, under a Labor government, he says loading zones in Marrickville would be included.