Victorian Premier Calls Pete Evans For Help On Dealing With Coronavirus

In the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Victorian Premier is reaching out for help.

Daniel Andrews has confirmed that he’s spoken on the phone to wellness and public relations guru Pete Evans.

“We chatted for about 20 minutes,” says Andrews. “We spoke about medical stuff, but also about how to handle the media.”

After being blamed for Victoria’s second wave of Covid-19, the Victorian Premier says he’s on the lookout for positive media opportunities.

“Pete Evans seems to have a lot of pull over at 60 Minutes,” says Andrews. “It’d be good to be able to tell my side of the story.”

As well as briefly discussing Coronavirus treatments, it’s understood the pair also spoke about how a balanced diet can alleviate stress.

“It was a very productive call,” says Andrews.

It’s unclear if any consulting fees were paid to Evans for the call.