Victorian Government Now Offering Pfizer In Powder Form To Encourage Tradies To Get Vaccinated

FULL STORY: The Victorian government is taking drastic action to help prevent construction workers protesting mandatory covid vaccinations.

“We’ve been working with drug manufacturer Pfizer to make the vaccine available in powder form,” says Premier Dan Andrews.

“Tradies appear more comfortable snorting the vaccine, as an alternative to an injection.”

From midday today the vaccine powder will be available in small clip seal plastic bags at most pharmacies throughout Victoria, and it remains free of charge.

“I’m on my 3rd bag today,” one construction worker told DBT.

“But I’m still going to protest again today because it’s a good stress release, especially after a few Canadian Clubs.”

At time of publication, tradies hoping to get the vaccine powder have already formed long queues outside several Melbourne pharmacies.

There are now also calls to offer the powder to residents of Byron Bay in northern NSW, where vaccination rates remain low.