VESTED INTEREST: Local tech & finance workers upset warmer weather is ending puffer vest season

PUFF DADDY: Recent warmer weather heading into spring is a welcome relief for most.

However, for a small but growing group of people, rising temperatures pose a very real threat.

“It means I can no longer get away with wearing my puffer vest to work every day,” says one Sydney finance worker who spoke to DBT while on his 13 minute lunch break.

Puffer vests, or fleece vests, are well-known as a standard accessory for tech and finance workers to survive soul crushing hours in air-conditioned offices.

But as summer approaches, there’s already been a reduction of sightings of puffer vests in Sydney’s CBD.

“How else am I going to hide my winter weight gain?” asked one corporate drone. “I might actually have to start going to the gym.”

However some finance workers are not concerned.

“Bro, puffer vests are not a seasonal thing. I wear mine all year round.”