Vegan Protestor Upset Today’s Weather Was Too Hot To Wear A Beanie

A vegan protestor is expressing frustration with today’s warmer than normal autumn weather in New South Wales.

Jeremy Haber was among a group of nine activists who locked themselves onto a Goulburn slaughterhouse this morning.

“It was already 20 degrees at 5am, and now it’s like 32 degrees. Way too hot for a beanie unfortunately.”

The Redfern resident says he was looking forward to rocking his newest black ‘tea cosy’ style beanie for the protests today, dubbed the biggest animal rights direct action ever.

“Beanies are just a big part of my self expression,” says Haber. “I’m just a beanie guy. Most vegans are.”

The 28 year old activist says he’ll be proposing the next major protest to be carried out in winter.

“Given today’s heat, I feel like our protest was a waste of time,” he says. “If vegans are going to be a force, we need to be true to ourselves.”