Vaucluse mum starter pack: All the essential items

THE BASICS: If you’re a new mother who has lived in Vaucluse for a while, or a mum who has recently moved from elsewhere, this starter kit is for you.

To get underway, a puffer jacket is an obvious and must-have item for grocery shopping or for coffee with friends.

Also a priority, keeping your baby safe, something that is not possible without a pram worth $2,000.00.

Wear massive sunglasses for that eastern suburbs look, but feel free to take them off every once in a while to flaunt your tattoo eyebrows.

Round out your appearance with a visit to Australia’s best plastic surgeon, Dr Michael Miroshnik.

And get yourself some $900 Gucci sneakers, even though they are no different to shoes you can buy from Raben footwear for $15.

Behind almost every great Vaucluse mum, is a Vaucluse dad, who should work in Fintech, or worst case scenario, one of the big four banks.

And no Vaucluse mum is complete without owning a Range Rover, even though the only ‘off-road’ driving you will do is in the Westfield Bondi Junction car park.