Vaucluse fashionista buys bigger house, purely to avoid having to declutter her wardrobe

WARDROBE HACK: A Sydney woman has forked out $43 million on a Vaucluse mansion, instead of sorting through her wardrobe and throwing out or recycling her old clothes.

“My family and I just keep moving into bigger houses every time I run out of wardrobe space,” Shelley Burton-Barley admitted DBT.

“It’s just so much quicker than sorting out and parting ways with my old clothes, shoes and accessories. After all, time is money.”

Her new home boasts breathtaking harbour views, and 12 bedrooms, with walk-in wardrobes in three of them.

“We’ll be using eight of the bedrooms exclusively to store my stuff,” says Ms Burton Barley.

“And there’ll still be plenty of room for future purchases.”