Vaucluse billionaire spends three hours at Kmart, demanding full refund on $20 toaster

TOASTER TANTRUM: Shoppers at Kmart in Bondi Junction Westfield were this morning subjected to tense scenes as a Vaucluse woman clashed with staff over a $20 toaster.

“It was extremely full on,” one shopper told DBT. “She was yelling loudly, demanding a full refund, complaining about the toaster’s uneven browning.”

The woman – who DBT has uncovered as Sydney billionaire Karen Markov-Grella – was offered a credit note by staff, as the toaster had already been used. 

“You’re not being serious?” she was heard yelling. “I don’t want to buy more Kmart crap. I want my $20 back. This toaster couldn’t even handle my artisan sourdough!”

Several store managers were brought in to ease the situation, one of them offering a brand upgrade at a discounted price.

However, Ms Markov-Grella wouldn’t budge.

“It’s not about the money, it’s the principle,” she declared. “This toaster is rubbish and so is this customer service!”

As the stand-off entered its third brutal hour, the Vaucluse billionaire eventually dropped the toaster on the floor and stormed out of the store.

“I can’t stay here arguing all day, I’m late for lunch at Catalina and I’ve already exceeded my two hours of free parking.”