US President Admits To Stockpiling Fake Tan As Coronavirus Fears Escalate

The US President has come clean about his strategy of panic buying fake tan in preparation for the coronavirus outbreak.

“If there’s something you need, you might as well stock up on it,” says Donald Trump. “Whether its food, essential medicine or fake tan, don’t risk going without.”

Growing numbers of people around the world are stockpiling essential items as coronavirus triggers supply concerns.

The US President says he’s purchased 10 boxes of his favorite tanning mousse, which he expects to last him 6 weeks.

“I’m keeping it in my garage at home,” says Trump. “My favorite brand is actually made in China, so I need to be extra mindful about supply issues.”

There’s been 66 coronavirus cases reported in the USA, with one death.

The President has repeatedly played down the seriousness of the outbreak.

“But when it comes to my appearance, I’m taking no chances,” he says.