Unprofitable Sydney Start-Up Vows To Donate 10% Of Profits To Bushfire Victims

A Sydney start-up has promised to donate 10% of its profit to bushfire victims, even though it doesn’t make any profit.

Cynthia Boland launched her business 10 months ago and has so far spent $60,000 on office space, research & development and marketing.

“I’m developing a revolutionary new app connecting Sydney landlords with renters,” she says. “It’s got a lot of potential but so far it’s been a hard slog to be honest.”

That hasn’t stopped her from running a social media campaign saying she’ll donate 10% of all profits to bushfire victims.

“As soon as we make any profit, I promise to donate 10% of it,” she says. “It’s great to be in a position to be able to help those affected by the fires.”

On Instagram and Facebook Ms Boland has posted a photo of herself along side some contemporary graphics explaining her generous offer.

“Please get on board,” she says. “We need your help.”