University Of New South Wales To Begin Offering ‘Bachelor Of Covid Restrictions’

MORE EXPERTS: The University of NSW will become the world’s first tertiary institution to offer classes on Covid restrictions.

“Our Bachelor of Covid Restrictions Degree is a new and exciting field of study,” says UNSW Dean Of Epidemiology Mark Ernest.

“It draws on both medical and legal aspects of public health orders.”

Students hoping to apply to the three year degree will need a minimum ATAR of 98.45.

“This course is for the best and brightest minds, in fact many of the students are already experts before it starts,” says Mark Ernest.

Classes will commence next month, initially via remote learning, with traditional lectures and tutorials expected for early next year.

“The entire first semester is dedicated to how to deal with anti-vaxxers,” says Ernest. “After that we take a deep dive into the methodology behind covid restrictions.”

The first batch of graduates are expected in 2025.

“I was thinking of doing law, but this seems more challenging,” says one student.