Unemployed man who still owes his friend $2500, flaunts sun-soaked photos from Mykonos

ON BORROWED TIME: In an audacious move that has angered creditors and friends, local unemployed man Mark Maddison has been flaunting his lavish European vacation on social media.

“Six months ago he told me he was broke and surviving on Maggi Noodles,” his friend Heath Arnold told DBT.

“I lent him $2500 to cover his rent, but I haven’t heard from him since.”

DBT managed to contact Mark Maddison on a WhatsApp call, as he sat on the edge of his hotel’s horizon pool.

“Everyone needs a break, especially when life’s been as tough as it has for me,” he told our reporter.

“Plus I got a great deal on flights.”

However when asked about repaying his friend’s loan he was less forthcoming.

“Oh, yeah Heath’s loan. Yeah, I’ve got a plan to pay him back. It’s to do with cryptocurrency, and it’s a bit hard to explain right now.”