Tinder user who’s about to move houses, now only swiping right on men with trucks

TINDER SWINDLER: Dating app user Sally McKinley has only one thing on her mind, and it isn’t sex or relationships.

She’s come clean on her strategy of using Tinder to find someone with a ute or a truck who can help her move houses.

“At the moment I’m chatting with one guy with a Nissan Navara who seems promising,” the 28 year old told DBT. “His bio says he ‘loves driving his truck and helping out friends.”

“But there’s another guy with a Ford Ranger who looks strong and could probably help me with heavy lifting.”

Ms McKinley will be forced to decide soon as she’s moving this Saturday.

Either way, she’s assured her family and friends that she has no intention of dating anyone she meets off Tinder.

“I guess it’s kind of like a friends with benefits situation, but I’m the only one who will get any benefit,” she told DBT.