Thick Smoke Plume Hangs Over Canberra As Stoners Try To Forget About NRL Grand Final Loss

The Canberra Raiders’ loss to the Sydney Roosters in last night’s NRL grand final has helped trigger a thick blanket of smoke hanging above the ACT.

“We’re seeing very smokey conditions around Canberra today, and potential remains for another smokey day tomorrow,” says Peter Summers from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Experts say there’s been an influx of marijuana smoking around the city, as Canberrans try to come to terms with losing the grand final.

“Well, it’s now legal here, so why the fuck not?” says one local stoner. “There’s nothing else to do here anyway.”

Those with breathing difficulties, or those looking to avoid passive smoking, are urged to stay in doors for the next few days.

“It’s difficult to know exactly how long the smoke haze will last,” says Peter Summers. “Honestly it might just be better to spark up and ride it out like the rest of us.”