The Golden Sheaf introduce mandatory dress code for males: white sneakers, beige chinos and a white linen shirt

CARBON COPY: In a bold move to ensure fashion consistency among its male patrons, a popular Double Bay pub is implementing a mandatory dress code: white sneakers, beige chinos, and a white linen shirt.

“We want to maintain The Golden Sheaf’s reputation as a fashionable and sophisticated venue,” says The Sheaf management.

“This is not just a dress code, it’s a community.”

From the start of April, male patrons will not be allowed into the venue unless they are wearing the specific uniform set out on the Sheaf’s website.

“Let’s face it, that’s all most people wear these days anyway,” says the Sheaf.

“We’re just formalising the trend and ensuring a consistent, minimalist aesthetic throughout the venue.”

“We look forward to welcoming a diverse range of people to the Sheaf – as long as they’re wearing white sneakers, beige chinos, and a white linen shirt.”