Sydney Fboy partying in Ibiza starter pack: All the essential items

PEAK SEASON: With the European summer travel season now well underway, DBT has produced this handy starter pack for all Fboy’s traveling to the Spanish Island of Ibiza.

The number one must-have item is a fruity flavoured vape for regular tokes while off chops clubbing.

The vape also serves as a vital tool in luring equally nicotine addicted women desperate for a puff.

An impressive array of tattoos is an important part of the style guide, as is an open button shirt for easy display of abdominal muscles.

White canvas shoes are the obvious footwear choice to complete the Fboy look.

After consecutive days of heavy partying, expect dark circles to appear under your eyes. To help hide those, a tub of face cream is included as an essential item in the starter pack.

As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, a trip to Ibiza can get expensive. So you wont go far without a gold American Express credit card linked to your dad’s bank account.

And last but not least, any worthy Fboy will have tried out for the hit reality TV show Fboy Island. Wear your rejection as a badge of honour.