Sydney corporate drone happy unexpected cold snap provides half decent excuse to wear his puffer vest

VESTED INTEREST: Today’s frosty weather in Sydney is a welcome relief for one local finance worker.

“I haven’t worn my puffer jacket in a few months because of the heat,” Hamish Robards told DBT while on his 13 minute lunch break.

“But when I woke up this morning and checked my weather app I was absolutely stoked!”

The 31 year old foreign exchange trader says he was torn this morning about whether to wear his North Face vest or his Katmandu one.

“I went for the North Face one today, but it looks like it might be cold again tomorrow. How good!”

Others say the weather is not a factor.

“Bro, puffer vests are not a seasonal thing. I wear mine all year round,” said another corporate drone. “Last weekend I even wore mine to the beach.”