Sydney Airport to cut waiting times at security screening by introducing a separate screening area for boomers

SLOW LANE: Sydney Airport has announced a groundbreaking initiative to streamline security processes and reduce wait times.

“From the start of August travellers over the age of 60 will have a dedicated security screening area,” says a Sydney Airport spokesperson.

“We believe this new system will benefit everyone.”

Sydney Airport says its own research shows mixed-age security lines are significantly slowed down by boomers.

“They often walk through metal detectors with belts still on,” says the spokesperson.

“And they often can’t quite get their heads around taking laptops out of their bags.”

The new 60 years and over security screening area will feature enlarged signage with reminders such as “iPads are not books” and “Yes, shoes do have to come off.”

“We’ll also have dedicated staff trained in politely explaining that if someone is selected for random bag search, that it doesn’t mean we think they’re a terrorist.”