SUPERMARKET FOOD SHORTAGE: Artisan Bread Enthusiast Forced To Settle For Abbott’s Sourdough Rye

ULTIMATE SACRIFICE: A local artisan bread devotee has felt first-hand the devastating impact of staff shortages which continue to disrupt food supplies to major supermarkets.

“I’ve read news stories about supply chain issues affecting some grocery items, but I never thought it would affect me personally,” says James Bray.

This morning the 31 year old advertising creative found widespread shortages in Coles’ bakery section, forcing him to visit the aisle containing mass-produced bread varieties.

He ended up settling on a pre-sliced, pre-packaged loaf of ‘Abbott’s Sourdough Rye’ bread for $3.80.

“I’ve never heard of this bread,” he told DBT.

“Normally I pay $9.50 for a spelt wholemeal ciabatta Sourdough or worst case scenario an ancient grains & sprouted seeds sourdough miche,” he says.

But with his wife and children waiting at home for breakfast, James Bray was left with little choice.

“This pre-packaged mass market bread looks like absolute rubbish,” he says. “There’s no way I’m eating any of this myself.”

UPDATE: James Bray decided to make a special trip to Sonoma Bakery at Bondi to purchase an artisan loaf.