Stay-at-home mum updates LinkedIn job title to ‘Interior Designer’ after buying a chair for her living room

HIDDEN TALENT: The purchase of a stylish chair from the Harvey Norman website has pushed a Sydney mother of two to make the next bold step in her career.

Amy Bridge has changed her LinkedIn job title to ‘Interior Designer’ after purchasing a chair for her living room.

“It’s a super stylish one-seater in beige,” she proudly told DBT.

“I think I’ve got a natural eye for design.”

Ms Bridge, took delivery of the chair this afternoon.

“I really enjoyed the process of buying it,” she says.

“I learnt a lot about colours and I think I can help other people now too.”

Now that she’s officially an interior designer on LinkedIn, the 32 year old says the next step is to post a photo of the chair to Instagram.

“People should know what I’m capable of. I want to explore my understanding of modern, urban, retro design.”

And she’s urging anyone interested in using her services to get in touch with her directly.