Goldie Tammer and her boyfriend Mark Rollerson are currently engaged in a tense stand off at a Sydney cafe.

Ms Tammer wants to order Creme Brûlée but will only do so if her boyfriend of three years agrees to eat “at least half of it.”

“I’m not hungry,” says Mark Rollerson. “You can have the whole thing.”

Relationship expert John Smiley told Double Bay Today that Mr Rollerson is likely to view his offer as a sign of generosity.

“But our research shows that many woman don’t consume high calorie food in public, unless friends or loved ones join in.”

The stand off has so far lasted 8 minutes, with both parties showing early signs of anger.

“I don’t understand what your dessert has to do with me,” says Mark Rollerson.

This is a developing story. We’ll bring you more updates as they come to hand.