New report shows 81% of people at Fashion Week are only there to take photos and videos of themselves

FASHION FAUX PAS: An eye-opening new report has exposed the true motivations of Fashion Week attendees.

A team of independent researchers have found 81% of people at the event are only there to take photos of themselves – a revelation that has cast a shadow of narcissism over the glitzy affair.

“It’s a sad reflection of our society’s obsession with self-promotion and validation,” said Dr. Emma Toms, lead researcher on the study.

At any time during Fashion Week, self-described fashionistas and influencers can be seen outside Carriageworks jostling for the perfect angle and lighting to capture their carefully curated outfits.

“I don’t have tickets to any of the runway shows,” admits one woman.

“But I’ve been here all day getting content for my socials and hopefully it will act as a springboard for a modelling career.”