Scott Morrison Posts Fake Photo To Twitter Of Wuhan Lab Worker Making Covid-19

Australia and China’s diplomatic tensions have escalated after Scott Morrison posted a doctored photo of a Wuhan Lab worker making Covid-19.

China’s Communist government has labelled the image “repugnant” and “deeply offensive.”

“I can’t believe The Australian PM would sink so low as to tweet an inflammatory and fake photo like that.” says China’s President Xi Jinping.

“Is he a teenage social media troll or something? We have asked Twitter to remove the image immediately.”

The true source of the Covid-19 outbreak remains unknown and the subject of an international inquiry.

Scott Morrison’s tweet comes after China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian yesterday posted a fake photo of an Australian soldier holding a knife to a child’s throat.

“An inquiry has already found no evidence that Australian soldiers behaved in this way,” says the Australian PM. “So I guess we are now even.”

“Maybe I’ll also mock up a photo of Xi Jinping taking a dump or something.”