Retired Taxi Driver Goes Back To Work, Purely For The Social Activity

FOR THE LOVE OF IT: A lonely 71 year old former cab driver says he’s been forced back behind the wheel, but it has nothing to do with money.

With a home in Sydney’s north and three investment properties, Ray Smith has no financial problems.

Instead, he’s just looking to meet new people.

“This weather has been pretty average….” he said to one passenger in a desperate attempt to get a conversation going.

“Another one of my favourite conversation starters is ‘are you finished work for the day?’ he later told DBT.

Ray Smith says returning to his former job as a cab driver for 13cabs to spend 10 hours sitting in gruelling Sydney traffic feels like a pointless task at times.

“But then you get that one passenger who is up for a chat,” he says. “I like to give them my business card, you never know what it might lead to.”