Rental crisis hits new low: Bondi man offering his own bed as ‘share accommodation’ on

RENT BOY: In a bold move that has redefined the concept of share accommodation, a resourceful Bondi man has listed his own bed as a rental opportunity on

Alex Stern is offering to share his ‘comfortable queen size’ bed in his studio apartment for $300 per week, utilities not included.

The ad describes the arrangement as an ‘intimate co-living experience’, and all applicants are asked to submit a photo of themselves.

“I’m flexible on price to be honest,” Alex Stern told DBT.

“It really depends on the quality of the applicant.”

Reactions to the unconventional listing have so far been mixed.

“That’s horrific!” one renter told DBT. “I’m desperate to find a place to live at the moment, but not that desperate!”

“What if he tries to throw a leg over in the middle of the night?”

But others seem more open minded.

“I think he looks pretty cute,” said another renter. “I might have a crack.” is yet to offer comment on the listing, but DBT understands the website is reviewing its listing guidelines to address bed-sharing accommodations.