Regular MDMA & cocaine user with severe head cold refusing to take Codral

HARD PILL TO SWALLOW: After a few weeks of heavy partying, Linley Marsh has tried almost everything to help cure her severe flu.

She’s testing negative for Covid, but has been bed-ridden for the last week.

And despite being unable to speak with a raw sore throat, she’s stubbornly rejecting offers of conventional cold relief.

“No way, get that Codral away from me,” Ms Marsh told DBT. “It has pseudoephedrine and god knows what else in it. That stuff can really fry your brain!”

Her reluctance toward even a single tablet of over the counter medication comes despite her regular illicit drug habit, which some claim has contributed to her flu.

“Last weekend I saw her doing nose beers off the toilets at Ravesis,” one of her friends told reporters.

But with a body temperature of 40 degrees, the 23 year old says she’s now desperate for help, asking friends if they can suggest any remedies.

“Someone suggested I should have Gatorade, but to be honest I don’t need the extra calories,” she says.

Ms Marsh is currently hoping that herbal tea will help soothe her symptoms.

“It better work,” she says. “I’m going to Ibiza for two weeks tomorrow.”