Qantas announces record profit after selling passengers’ lost luggage

CASH CONVERTERS: Qantas’ move into the second hand clothing and luggage industry has helped it achieve a record $2.5 billion profit.

“Our core flying business is still recovering from the pandemic, but our new thrift store offering is performing very well,” says CEO Alan Joyce.

The airline has been selling second hand clothing and other items gathered from lost luggage.

“We may not be able to return the luggage items to the owner, but at least someone can have them,” says Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Through the ‘Qantas Shop’ app, consumers can purchase a range of used luggage items online.

The airline has also opened a retail outlet in Botany, near Sydney airport.

“People are buying mainly clothes but also some toiletries, and even the luggage itself,” says Alan Joyce. “It’s proving an excellent source of revenue for us.”

Qantas says it also has plans for a new airport cafe chain called ‘Leftovers,’ which will serve meals made up entirely of food not eaten by plane passengers.

“Recycling is very much at the forefront of both of these initiatives,” says Mr Joyce. “We’ve got so much to give.”