Police Warning: ‘Wearing Activewear Does Not Count As Doing Exercise’

ACTIVE, WHERE? NSW Police has launched a new campaign aimed at cracking down on people leaving home in activewear without plans on doing any actual exercise.

“We’re currently overwhelmed dealing with people out pretending to be exercising to avoid fines relating to social distancing rules,” says NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

“But most of them are just shopping, socialising or engaging in other non-essential activities.”

Police say the problem is particularly rife in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“Wearing leggings or a crop top while grabbing a takeaway coffee with friends won’t stop police issuing fines,” says Mick Fuller. “You’re not fooling anybody.”

The police warning comes as Sydney retailers report a spike in activewear sales.

People in lockdown are not only wearing activewear to avoid fines, they’re also wearing it while working from home.

“When I’m working in activewear in my living room, I’m more aerodynamic and less susceptible to injury,” says Sylvie Beck. “Plus it looks pretty good in video chats.”