Police have launched a new campaign aimed at cracking down on people leaving home in activewear without plans on doing any actual exercise.

“We’re currently overwhelmed with Australians pretending to be out exercising to avoid fines relating to social distancing rules,” says NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

“But most of them are out shopping, socialising or engaging in other non-essential activities.”

Police say the problem is rife in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“Wearing activewear while grabbing a takeaway coffee with friends in Double Bay or Rose Bay won’t stop police issuing fines,” says Mick Fuller. “You’re not fooling anybody.”

The warning comes ahead of Mother’s Day when police are expecting a spike in the numbers of people wearing leggings, crop tops and hoodies to meet friends and family.

“The rules are clear,” says Mick Fuller. “Two adults and their children can visit a friend or relative at their home, but please stop congregating in busy shopping areas in activewear.”