PM Has Photo Taken With Ash Barty Immediately After Her Big Win, To Ensure She’s Still Smiling

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: Australia’s Prime Minister has leapt into action tonight, moments after Ash Barty won the Australian Open.

Scott Morrison asked the 25 year old for a photo, as she made her way into the players’ change rooms at Rod Laver arena.

“Hi Ash, have you got a very quick second for the Prime Minister?” he joked.

The world number one initially looked reluctant, but while caught up in the moment of victory, she agreed to keep smiling and shake the PM’s hand.

“Timing is crucial,” admitted the PM. “I knew I had to get to Ash Barty while she was in a celebratory mood, otherwise she might have barred me.”

It follows the PM’s awkward photo shoot in Canberra this week, in which Grace Tame refused to smile at him, or look him in the eye.

Political reporter Peter Van Onselen has spoken to DBT about Scott Morrison ambushing Ash Barty tonight.

“I think it’s totally fine what the PM did,” he says. “If Ash Barty didn’t want to have her photo taken with him, she could have just stayed home.”