Photo of Bondi influencers on private yacht in Ibiza cropped to exclude billionaire yacht owner

ON THE OUTER: An Ibiza yacht owner is expressing outrage after being blatantly cropped out of a photo posted by a Bondi influencer.

“Who do these people think they are?” Eddy Taros told DBT.

“They come on my vessel and act like I’m not even there.”

The offending photo was posted on Instagram last night, featuring only the three influencers, even though Eddy Taros was standing right next to them on the yacht’s bow.

The Spanish billionaire says he DM’d the girl who posted the photo to ask about why he was cropped out, but she’s yet ito reply.

DBT also reached out to her, also to no avail.

“What an absolute joke,” Mr Taros told DBT. “They also finished off all my Dom Perignon.”

The influencers have also since posted another photo, featuring themselves on a private jet to Saint-Tropez.

And again, there was no sign of the actual plane owner, only a strategically placed bottle of champagne and a coyly captioned: “On to the next adventure!”