news1 journalist sets new year’s resolution to report some real news, instead of his constant misleading clickbait

NEW HORIZONS: A reporter is attempting to take the next brave step in his career.

As a new year beckons, Harry Hackman has set a resolution to report some actual news, a huge departure from his standard sensational clickbait stories about pop culture, viral videos and reality TV.

“My main job at is to write articles about whatever Karl Stefanovic and Waleed Aly happen to say on TV,” Hackman told DBT.

“I also write a lot about what Abbie Chatfield says on her podcast.”

Harry Hackman has mastered the art of writing misleading headlines that in no way reflect the full version of the story.

But as of January 1 2024, he’s pledged to attempt to produce a newsworthy article, with actual journalistic integrity.

“It’ll be interesting to report on proper news, instead of just copying and pasting whatever is trending online,” he says.

“I’ve never done real news before, and I’m not feeling super confident about it, but I’m prepared to try anything once!”