New report shows podcast producers now outnumber podcast listeners

PODCAST POLLUTION: A groundbreaking new report has sent shockwaves through the podcasting world, revealing that the number of podcast producers now exceeds the number of listeners.

The report by the Geneva-based Institute of Podcast Data (IPD), shows 2.1 billion people around the world now list their primary occupation as podcasters.

“That compares to only 1.6 billion people who ever listen to podcasts,” says report author Mark Stanway.

“Everyone is so busy making podcasts, there’s nobody left to listen to them.”

The report found that the proliferation of podcasts shows no signs of slowing, with everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbour launching their own podcasts in a bid to capture the attention of the ever-elusive listener.

“Globally, we’re seeing chronic staff shortages across a range of industries, as everyone is just trying to be a podcaster,” says Mark Stanway.

The report has sparked panic among podcast producers, who’ve invested significant time and resources into their shows in the hopes of building an audience.

“I thought podcasting was supposed to be the next big thing,” lamented one producer.

“But now it feels like I’m just talking into the void, hoping someone out there is listening.”

“The only time people listen to my podcast is when I post a snippet of it on Instagram.”