‘MY BIG REVEAL’ Darlinghurst man posts before/after selfie, after losing 0.74kgs

FLAB TO FAB: What started as a plan to shred for the start of spring, has ended in a complete career overhaul.

And it all happened in two months.

In July, Billy Tander-Johns set out to lose some weight.

Today the former PR professional has announced a career pivot.

“I’m now available for hire as a wellness consultant,” he says.

“I’m a nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach all wrapped into one,” he says. “I actually just received my business cards now, so it’s definitely a real thing.”

And he’s posted a before/after photo flaunting his 0.74kgs weight loss.

“I’ve made some enormous sacrifices to have this rig,” he captioned his photo. “Now I want to turn my attention to helping others.”

The 34 year old says crossfit and superfoods are crucial.

“Superfoods are just like regular foods but they get their nutritional value from social media.”

But critics say he’s not necessarily qualified as a wellness consultant, just because she lost 0.74 kgs.

“I lose more weight after taking a dump,” commented one man.