Mum With 3 Kids, Dog & A Mortgage Posts ‘Throw Back’ Pic From When She Actually Had A Life

WAY BACK WHEN: A local mother of three has once again resorted to posting old photos of herself to make her life seem interesting on Instagram.

Today Lara Clarke posted a photo of herself dancing and drinking at a pool party that took place more than 12 years ago, in the summer of 2009.

In a completely transparent abuse of a dated internet trend, she hashtagged the photo,’#ThrowBackThursday.’

“I’ll be honest, I’ve got nothing else to post to my socials,” Lara Clarke admitted to DBT as she attempted to discipline three loud and annoying children.

“Thanks to the pandemic, full-time work, my mortgage, my kids and dog, I haven’t done anything even remotely interesting in more than a decade

And it seems Ms Clarke’s 281 instagram followers were underwhelmed by her #ThrowBackThursday photo, which only has 6 likes after more than 5 hours.

More to come.