Men on MAFS yet to understand they need to rank their partner 1st in the photo challenge, regardless of how hot they are

PHOTO CHALLENGED: Men on MAFS are still struggling to comprehend a fundamental rule of the show’s photo task, in which the cast are asked to rank other cast members of the opposite sex, in order of physical attractiveness.

“After ten seasons of the show, you’d think they’d have worked it out by now,” MAFS expert John Aiken told DBT.

“In reality the photo task is not an attractiveness test,” “It’s an IQ test, and year after year men fail dismally.”

Last night saw MAFS cast member Richard become the latest groom to fail the test, ranking his wife equal third, leaving her hurt and deeply questioning their relationship.

“Generally speaking women do not have a problem ranking their partners,” says John Aiken.

“Most of them know to rank their partner first, regardless of how attractive they find them. It’s really not that hard.”

The ongoing struggle faced by men to grasp the photo task has become a source of both amusement and frustration for viewers and it will continue tonight at 7.30pm.