Man who won $100m in record-breaking Powerball celebrates by spending it all on a two-bedroom semi in Marrickville

HIGH ROLLER: A joint winner of last night’s $200 million Powerball record jackpot is celebrating after finally navigating his way out of Australia’s housing crisis.

Jonas Horvath has just spent nearly all of his $100 million newfound fortune on a small two-bedroom semi in Marrickville, located between a laundromat and a kebab shop.

“It’s a rundown looking place located directly under the flight path, but now I can finally call myself a homeowner,” the 37 year old told DBT.

“It may not be the nicest house in Sydney, but it’s much better than living at mum and dad’s place in Petersham.”

Jonas Horvath bought the Marrickville property for $99,860,000, meaning he still had $140,000 of his winnings to spare.

“But unfortunately that didn’t last long either,” he admitted to DBT.

“I blew it all on three hours of parking at Bondi Beach and a few slices of puffy bread at Totti’s.”