Man uses marginally warmer weather as perfect excuse to parade topless around Bondi outdoor gym

SUN’S OUT, GUNS OUT: The winter sun shone brightly on Sydney for a few hours today and one man didn’t let it go to waste.

Tom Harrow seized on the opportunity, using Bondi outdoor gym as his own personal runway, wearing nothing but lycra compression shorts.

“I woke up at about 10.30am and I was at the gym 15 minutes later,” he told DBT. “You gotta give the people what they want, haha.”

But the 31 year old fitness enthusiast was met with mixed reactions, and even a few hecklers.

“Put your clothes back on you muppet,” shouted one man.

“Calm down mate, it’s only 18 degrees,” yelled another. “You’re not even that ripped.”

However Tom Harrow was undeterred, flaunting his physique and doing chin ups, but only when several people were there watching.

“They really should install mirrors down here,” he told DBT. “It’s not a proper gym otherwise.”

Following his gym session, it’s understood he went for a beer at Ravesis, but was turned away by security because he refused to put a shirt on.