Man suffers panic attack after showing photo on phone to mum, who began swiping to other photos

He took back the phone quickly and paramedics are on the scene.

ONE FOUL SWIPE: Paramedics rushed to a home in Sydney’s inner west today after a man suffered a mild panic attack when he briefly gave his phone to his mother.

Mark Lee wanted to show her a photo in his camera roll, but when she started swiping through other photos the 21 year old began sweating and had difficulty breathing.

“I wanted to show you one photo, not my entire personal life,” he reportedly shouted at his mother.

“He took the phone back quickly and aggressively,” says his mother. “But he was acting very anxious, so I called the ambulance.”

Ambulance NSW says Mark Lee is in a stable condition.

Phone safety experts are warning people to use a firm grip when showing people something on their mobiles.

“Don’t let go under any circumstances,” says one expert. “Especially if the person is over 60 years old, as older people tend not to understand phone etiquette.”

“We are actually calling on the federal government to make looking through someone else’s camera roll a crime.”