Man arriving at Tinder date claims to have come ‘straight from the office,’ just so he can wear a suit

DRESSED TO IMPRESS: A local man attempted to woo his Tinder date tonight, by turning up in an expensive Hugo Boss suit with tie and polished shoes.

“Nice to finally meet you,” Justin De Mont was overheard saying to his date up on arrival.

“Sorry, I just came from work.”

He was also carrying a trendy leather briefcase, but a DBT investigation has found the 27 year old customer service rep worked from home today.

He spent two hours before the date in his bedroom trying on different shirt and tie combinations.

“It did feel a bit weird putting on a suit just to go out for a few casual drinks,” he admitted to our reporter.

“At least this way she might think I have a high paying job.”

“But the real reason I wore a suit is because all my casual clothes were dirty.”