Man Chilling In Park Evades Police Fine By Suddenly Pretending To Do Sit Ups

A quick thinking Sydney man has saved himself a hefty fine today, by pretending to exercise while relaxing in a local park.

On the first day of the Sydney’s second lockdown, Jake Sample was lying on the grass at Rushcutters Bay just after 1pm, when he saw police approaching.

“I quickly started doing sit ups,” he told DBT. “The police just stood there watching me do about 30 sit ups before moving on.”

The police were there trying to enforce restrictions on public gatherings, which makes it illegal to leave home unless it’s for an essential purpose, like exercise.

“It’s the first exercise I’ve done in years,” Jake Sample told DBT. “When the police left I sparked up a reefer and just kept lying there.”

The NSW Premier says the strict stay at home orders will remain in place until July 9.

More to come.