Man Updates His LinkedIn Bio To Include ‘Speaker,’ After Getting A Job In Telemarketing

ALL TALK: A local call centre worker has been accused of severely exaggerating his job description.

Last week Tristan Micallef started a new job taking inbound customer service calls at Telstra. His only previous job was a furniture salesman.

But the 25 year old’s LinkedIn profile tells a completely different story.

It says he’s a: Client Solutions Manager | Communications Industry Thought Leader | Speaker | Coach & Mentor.

“There is nothing wrong with Tristan’s job,” says colleague Martin Causley, who alerted DBT to the alleged breach.

“But his LinkedIn profile suggests he’s going to be the next Anthony Robbins or something.”

It’s understood the only ‘speaking’ role Tristan Micallef has ever had was addressing his soccer team at half time one weekend when the team captain was sick.

Micallef has repeatedly ignored DBT’s requests for comment, but he sent through the following statement.

“Call centre work is very demanding, encompassing detailed product knowledge and well-developed personal skills, and lots of speaking.”

His LinkedIn profile remains unchanged.