MAFS ‘Stars’ Demand Second Season After COVID-19 Stole Their 15 Minutes Of Fame

It’s the much-hyped relationship roller coaster ride of love and betrayal, but the stars of the latest season of MAFS want to do it all over again.

They’re demanding the show be re-shot, “because coronavirus stole our limelight.”

“COVID-19 totally distracted everyone from our MAFS finale,” says Stacey Hampton. “Since then, I’ve been doing cosmetic tutorials on YouTube and literally nobody is watching.”

Last night’s MAFS finale on the Nine Network drew 500,000 fewer viewers than last year’s finale.

The show was outdated by a Seven News investigation about the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

“We got rorted. We don’t even get any regional night club appearances. We all want to do another series,” says Ivan Sarakula.

“I thought I’d be household name by now and get a boost to my real estate business, but everything is in shutdown mode.”

Those sentiments are being challenged by TV writers who say the COVID-19 shut down could potentially have increased MAFS ratings.

“It’s just a shit show now,” says one TV reviewer.

More to come.