Local Woman Almost Unrecognisable As Beautician Shutdown Enters Second Week

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is plain to see on the face of Sydney’s Janet Wreath.

It’s understood the 36 year old remains in perfectly good health, but the federal government’s forced closure of all beauty salons is taking a heavy toll on her appearance.

“I’ve had to go without tanning, fillers and facials,” she says. “It’s only been a week, but my husband says I look five years older.”

Ms Wreath clearly appears tired and pale, in stark contrast to the way she looked when beauty salons were still open 7 days ago.

“It’s embarrassing,” she says. “Some people I know really well aren’t even recognising me, and there’s no clear indication of when beauty salons will re-open.”

Thankfully hairdressers remain open, but as the COVID19 pandemic continues, the situation with Janet Wreath’s face is only expected to worsen. And she’s not alone.

She says the only silver lining is that the closure of beauticians makes it easier for her to keep self-isolating.

“Mainly because there’s no way in hell I’d go out anywhere looking like this.”

More to come.