Local man with limited pocket space forced to decide between his vape and his asthma inhaler

POCKET PRIORITIES: A local man preparing to catch up with an old friend today is struggling to decide between two vital companions.

With his slim-fit jean pockets already filled with his phone, keys and wallet Peter Cook only has space remaining for either his Mango Ice flavour vape or his asthma inhaler.

“It’s like choosing between happiness and survival,” he told DBT exclusively.

In the end the nicotine lure proved too great, with the 28 year old leaving his Ventalin inhaler at home as he toked aggressively on his vape.

But not long after leaving, his lungs began protesting with a wheezing fit leaving him gasping for air.

“I had to find someone with a puffer and borrow it,” he says. “But it was a close call.”

And he remains confused about how to deal with the problem going forward.

“I can’t quit vaping. I’ve tried so many times before. And I refuse to wear a bum bag or backpack. So I guess I’ll just have to stay home at all times.”