Local Man Unhappy With $30 Wash Of His Car Worth $400k, Done By Workers On $19 An Hour

DRIVEN MAD: A Double Bay retiree has been lecturing the local car wash manager about the quality of the wax job on his vehicle.

“How hard can it be to get a decent wash and polish these days?” asked Phil Mayors. “You guys don’t know what you’re doing and I want a full refund!”

The 61 year old Polo shirt wearing millionaire says the car wash service offers ‘terrible value for money.’

“$30 for that below par job on my Bentley,” lamented the former company director. “I reckon what they did is worth more like $15.”

“And I have sit around here drinking crappy coffee for 30 minutes while I wait.”

His concerns about the poor value for money comes despite his Bentley car being worth more than $400,000, and the car wash workers, only earning $19 an hour.

“If I had the time I’d wash the car myself,” he later told DBT. “There’s no way I’m bringing my Ferrari here.”