Local man sues Cranbrook school after his son finished year 12 there, but still refuses to wear a puffer jacket or R.M. Williams

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: In an unprecedented move, a Sydney businessman has launched legal action against a prestigious eastern suburbs private school.

Michael Pollard-Asquith is suing Cranbrook School, claiming “educational negligence” after his son, Oliver, completed year 12 last year but continues to refuse to wear a puffer jacket or R.M. Williams boots.

“The school has obviously failed in its duty of care,” Michael Pollard-Asquith told DBT.

“I didn’t pay $40,000 a year in tuition fees for Oliver to end up wearing hoodies and Converse sneakers. It’s an absolute joke.”

Mr Pollard-Asquith claims his son’s refusal to wear puffer jackets or R.M Williams boots has led to his family’s social isolation within their affluent community, where such clothing items are considered a rite of passage.

“My son looks like he graduated from Newtown Performing Arts school or something like that,” says Mr Pollard-Asquith.

DBT contacted Cranbrook School for an interview, but it responded with a brief written statement.

“Cranbrook strives to provide a well-rounded education, focusing on academic excellence, sportsmanship, and personal growth.”

“But we can not mandate specific brands of clothing or footwear, especially after graduation.”